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Working with KAL: Intern Jimmy shares his experience of the Wool Harvest 2018

What does a working experience at We Are KAL look like? We would like to introduce our intern Jimmy to you, the first one who accompanied us during our wool harvest and processing. He was a great part of our team and we are very, very grateful for his commitment. In this post Jimmy will share his background, the experience with the KAL team in Ladakh in July and August 2018 and his ideas for the future. Enjoy! Jimmy and Angtak collecting the sheep wool in Kharnak. "But who am I? I am from the French countryside, not far from Lyon. I grew up surrounded by fields and since a very young age nature attracts me. I first studied anthropology...

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Our venturesome annual wool sourcing

What do efficiency, horses and learning have in common? As you might know, we believe in simplicity - and this starts right at the origins. Supply chains often sound complex and products become hard to trace and their journey is lost on the road. We think that the supply chain is like the character of a product, it shapes its state in many ways. Some of you might wonder about how at we are KAL the story of our products is told. Others of you have already heard stories of our venturesome treks through the Himalayas, the origin of our supply chain. Either way, I would like to tell you the story of how we are sourcing our wool from...

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