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Raw Material



In Ladakh, the nomads keep yaks, pashmina goats and sheep.

The procedure for the ‘farming’ of the wool differs from the type of wool: yak wool is plucked, pashmina wool is combed and a sheep is shorn.

A yak is only plucked once a year and per yak there is about 1 – 1,5kg of wool. Sheep are shorn once a year.



In Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh our team is spinning yak wool, sheep wool and lambswool.

The yarn for the warp, going vertically from the loom,
is twisted to give it extra strength.

Yak wool is a very tricky one to spin as the fiber is very short.
Lambswool & Sheep wool have a longer fiber and are easier to spin.





We are now using the lambswool for knitting in Himachal Pradesh
where a group of ladies is creating beanies, scarves and gloves
with the handspun lambswool.

Very particular, the fiber of the Changthang lambswool is very long and excellent for spinning by hand.