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Wool Caring



⚬ knitted & woven products: hand wash in cold or lukewarm water or machine wash in gentle care or wool cycle at maximum 30C

⚬ avoid agitation during washing as this can cause felting

⚬ lay to dry

⚬ when you would like to store your woolen textile for the summer, we recommend to keep it in a dry and clean place and add a little of essential oil such as lavender or cedar on a small piece of cloth to prevent moths. Also, you can store it in an airtight box.


Silk Caring



⚬ dyed products: wash separately in cold water or 30°C fine wash 

⚬ the colors will become slightly paler with use and washes 

⚬ indigo dyed textiles: initially, the color will slightly rub and bleed after the first few washes. This means that the dye will wash out a little bit. This is completely natural and part of the process. After a few washes the indigo will have settled in your garment.

⚬ lay to dry in shade and iron for silk to become soft