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Our Studio

Textile Studio of KAL in Ladakh

Our home and studio is nestled in the Indus River Valley, in the outskirts of Ladakh’s capital city of Leh. Here our team gathers to realize the pieces, working together to translate concept into creation. In the summer, our work is done outside, surrounded by the abundantly colourful flowers of our dye garden. In winters, we shift indoors into our studio space, where the floor to ceiling windows let in warm sunlight and the rocky outline of the Himalayan mountain range.

We first began building our space in 2019, and since then each year has brought to life more of our vision. The house and attached studio are built from local and natural materials using the technique of rammed earth and are the ideation of renowned architect, Sandeep Bogadhi. Irrigation channels from the nearby canal bring water to the surrounding garden, which grows more varied each year, as the plants slowly bring more fertility to the soil.

Backstrap loom weaving in Ladakh. Handwoven Woolen Carpets.


We work in harmony with the elements around us, aligning with earth’s rhythms in our own transformation of fibers and fabric.



We also offer workshops at our space and if you would like to visit our studio please get in touch via ! More info here.

Textile Workshops of KAL in Ladakh