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Carpets have held much significance in the life of the Changpa nomads and continue to be made by the women of the families. By staying with their community we saw how diverse the patterns can get, each weaver has her own style and shapes. Depending on the size of the carpet, several panels woven on the typical backstrap loom are stitched together.

yak wool carpet abstract

Like this, carpets are made: the typical tsug-den which measures 90cm x 175cm which the Changpa nomads use to sleep on.

The tsug-dul, a carpet sized 200cm x 210cm was traditionally used as a blanket when the temperatures drop down to – 30°C.

All our carpets are made of sheepwool and yakwool, keeping the natural shades of the wool. The yarn is spun by hand, using an old technique of twisting a thick spindle.

Our fiber has not been chemically treated.


We are currently in development of the carpets. The ones you can find here are all for sale. If you are interested in a particular one please send us a mail on catherine(at)


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