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Eri Silk


Raw material

Eri silk is one of the most durable and strong fibres. It is cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. 

Eri Cocoons are open mouthed. They cannot be reeled into raw filament yarn, but are spun like wool.



The eri silk worm is mostly found in tribal areas of Assam.

The wild silk worm called Samia cynthia ricini is covered by its food, castor leaves in a tribal area of Assam.
Before spinning the eri silk cocoons, the moth has to leave the cocoon and a hole remains.



In Assam, there are various techniques of hand-spinning
used for the eri silk. Its yarn has a very
characteristic and ever-changing thickness.

Before the silk can be spun, the moth has to leave the cocoon. 
The empty cocoons are washed, 
boiled and dried and are ready for spinning.



It is the most common loom in India and in Assam. 
Almost each household has one for personal use.




The Final Product

It's fascinating to see and feel one of the eri silk textiles which have been created in this way.
You can find them all in our collections, ranging from garments to accessories and home textiles .