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Catherine Allié & Tsering Angtak


Catherine and Angtak are running KAL together from their home in Choglamsar, Ladakh. They met in 2014 when Catherine was sourcing wool from Angtak's brothers for the very first time. Catherine has been living in India since 2012 and found the teams of KAL during her 9-month research in early 2014. She is responsible for the processes and communication in India. She learnt Ladakhi and Hindi and can connect well with the teams. She also works on product development and administrative work. Her creative input in KAL is her analogue photography and natural dyeing. While studying business in Paris, she had the continuous thought in mind to do something where the social and economic elements can co-exist.

Angtak takes care of production in Ladakh. With his patience and calm nature he adds a very pleasant element to KAL. He grew up in the nomadic region of Kharnak and at the age of 9 he moved to Leh to study and since then he has lived all over India and returned to Ladakh in 2014 and met Catherine. From then on, their journey continued together. Angtak is also running the carding machines for the wool. When there is time left at the end of the day, he enjoys working in the garden. Anytime throughout the day you will find him playing with their three dogs. In 2022, after three years of construction they finally moved into their dream home which is also the home base of KAL.


The people without who KAL would not be what it is...