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Tsug Den Mini Ladakh
Tsug Den Mini Ladakh
Tsug Den Mini Ladakh
Tsug Den Mini Ladakh

Tsug Den Mini Ladakh


Ladakh - our home in the mountains

This small carpet is made from hand-spun sheep wool yarn. It is woven in the traditional Changthang style, on a portable backstrap loom characteristic for the nomadic communities. It is dyed with local willow tree skin, indigo and marigold. The carpet depicts the landscape of Ladakh: mountains in all shades of browns, sky of blues and the sun - a weather we are blessed with almost every day. 
It is a unique piece. This type of carpet is called "Tsug Den" and traditionally used as a mattress to sleep and to sit on. This is a smaller variety, like a mat. It is great to use as a bedside rug, for smaller rooms, as a wall hanging or a meditation carpet.
The weft is looped around a metal stick and then cut with a blade. It has a soft, yet solid feeling of a carpet, just like a mattress.
It is spun and woven by our team of settled nomads close to the city of Leh.

Additional information about the weaving and the tradition here.
      • 100% sheep wool  from Ladakh
      • Size: 40cm x 60 cm
      • Weight: 0,5 kg
      • naturally dyed with willow skins, indigo and marigold
      • weft: 100% sheep wool, warp: 100% sheep wool
      • farming: 1 year 
      • spinning: 3 days by one spinner
      • weaving: 1 day by one weaver
Please note: This carpet is entirely made by hand. Irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. The weaving has been done in the traditional way which also includes irregularities. Sometimes, the width in panels varies slightly.