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Neckwarmer Khullu Khampa
Neckwarmer Khullu Khampa
Neckwarmer Khullu Khampa

Neckwarmer Khullu Khampa


khullu khampa (Ladakhi) - beige yak wool

This is our first neckwarmer in our collection! It is entirely made from the soft down of the yak, called khullu. For this neck warmer we used the very rare and popular beige yak wool. Each year we only manage to source a handful of kilos, so it is very precious! It is handspun and handknitted and naturally processed at our studio in Ladakh. We wanted to make knits which are practical and loved by our team - voilà a neckwarmer which is lightweight, easy to carry and keeping you very warm. It's ideal for wearing below coats but also perfect to wear just with a sweater during the seasonal transitions. 

      • 100% yak khullu from Ladakh
      • one size fits all - the wool gets stretchier with use  
      • windproof and waterproof, perfect for fall and winter
      • farming: 7 months 
      • spinning: 1 day
      • knitting: 1 day 

Please note: This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. The fabric and the dye will change over time - the wool is becoming softer and the dyes lighter.  Please cold wash only with mild detergent and dry in the shade. Do not soak. For more information visit: Care