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Beanie Dua II
Beanie Dua II
Beanie Dua II
Beanie Dua II

Beanie Dua II


dua (Ladakhi) - stone

Another slightly different version of our classic Beanie Dua. This one is made with primarily white wool, resulting in a beautiful monochrome look. It is ideal for natural dyeing. It is hand-spun and hand-knitted by our team in Himachal Pradesh. The beanie is knitted with lambswool from the Changthang Plateau shorn by the nomad community. The lambswool is taken once of the young sheep at an age of around 7 months and has a fiber length of 50mm. Therefore it is soft and elastic.
      • 100% lambswool from Ladakh
      • one size fits all - the wool gets stretchier with use  
      • windproof and waterproof, perfect for fall and winter
      • sizing is 9" x 10" if measured laying flat and wool will stretch with use
      • farming: 7 months 
      • spinning: 1 day
      • dyeing: 1 day
      • knitting: 1 day 
Please note: This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. The fabric and the dye will change over time - the wool is becoming softer and the dyes lighter.  Please cold wash only with mild detergent and dry in the shade. Do not soak. For more information visit: Care