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Journey Yarn Onion Skins White
Journey Yarn Onion Skins White
Journey Yarn Onion Skins White
Journey Yarn Onion Skins White

Journey Yarn Onion Skins White

This handspun yarn is a combination of lambswool and eri silk. It is a fine two ply, joining two of our main materials: eri silk from Assam and lambswool from Ladakh. 
Spinning yarn is the second step in making woolen fabric and a wonderful, loosely spun yarn for weaving, knitting or felting. Before it is spun it has been skirted - the removal of thorns and other dirt, then washed by hand and machine carded.
The sheep live at an altitude between 4000m and 5000m, therefore the wool promises excellent warmth for the colder days. Eri silk gives it strength and extra softness. The handspinning assures a 100% pure and natural fiber. It is spun and plied by our team in Himachal Pradesh.  

        • 65% white lambswool from the Changthang Plateau
        • 35% naturally dyed eri silk from Assam
        • 40g of two ply handspun yarn
        • naturally dyed with onion skins
        • yarn length of 40g around 260m
        • recommended needle size 2.50mm - 3.00mm
        • perfect for knitting, weaving, felting
        • the yarn is natural and has not been treated with chemicals
        • farming: 1 year 
        • spinning: 2 days
        • dyeing: 1 day

Please note: This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. It is rather difficult to capture the beauty of the natural color, it might vary a little bit from what you see on the screen. We try our best to present the color as it is. Please cold wash only with mild detergent and dry in the shade. Do not soak.