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Handspun eri silk yarn also called peace silk
Handspun peace silk yarn for weaving
Handspun peace silk yarn for handloom

Eri Silk Yarn Gasar Paat


gasar paat (Assamese) - leaf

This handspun yarn is the second step in making silk fabric and is coming from our team in Assam. It is handspun using a drop down spindle, the typical style of Assam. The silk is called eri silk and cultivated by Assamese tribal communities South West of Guwahati. It is called peace silk because the moth flies out and leaves a hole in the cocoon as it has to be empty before it can be processed. Therefore its structure is rather similar to linen.

      • 100% eri silk from Assam
      • 100g of handspun eri silk yarn
      • around 50nm, very fine yarn
      • perfect for weaving, craft projects, dyeing and plying
      • the yarn is natural and has not been treated with chemicals
      • farming: 45 days