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The Changthang nomads have traditionally woven a variety of textiles: mattresses, carpets, blankets, saddlebags and storage bags for barley.  These textiles are made from sheep wool, yak wool and goat hair and are woven on a portable back strap loom - typical for the nomadic way of life.

Despite the narrow warp of around 30cms, the blankets and rugs of the Changpa can be as wide as needed. Using a simple stitch, the panels are joined at the back. This makes every piece unique, stemming from the eyes and imagination of its maker.

We also offer customization of our carpets such as size, design and wool / color. Please send us an email to for more information.

For our customers with shipping address in India there is a discount of 20% on all made-to-order carpets. Please use the code CARPETSINDIA for the discount.