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Yarns & Cocoons

In our collection of handspun yarns we have two very distinct yarns: Nomadic Fibers and Journey.

Our yarn Nomadic Fibers is a one ply handspun 100% sheep wool yarn. It is spun on "phang" spindles by our Ladakhi team and has a lovely, rustic feel. The wool comes from the sheep of the Kharnak nomads which are shorn once in a year in the summer month July.

Our Journey yarn is a wonderful union of the three Indian states we work in: Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Assam. This yarn is fine with a lace weight and 260m per 40g skein, good to be knitted with 2.5mm to 3mm needles. It is a two ply yarn: one yarn is handspun lambswool, spun by our team in Himachal Pradesh. The other yarn is naturally dyed Eri silk from our team in Assam.

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