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Throw Bia
Throw Bia
Throw Bia

Throw Bia


Bia (Assamese) - wedding

This throw is hand-spun, hand-woven and naturally dyed by our team in Assam. The silk is called eri silk and cultivated by Assamese tribal communities South West of Guwahati. It is also called peace silk. The moth leaves a hole in the cocoon as it has to be empty before it can be processed. Therefore it has a structure which is rather similar to linen. This throw is created by our weaver Bina and the design was initially used for the wedding outfit of founder Catherine. We loved it so much so we created a throw as well.  
      • hand-spun and hand-woven
      • 100% eri silk from Assam
      • 120cm x 250cm 
      • windproof and very robust fabric, ideal for any season
      • can be worn as a scarf, a throw or a blanket
      • natural dyes of the tea leaves, myrobalan, henna, madder, indigo, jackfruit bark, lac and many more
      • farming: 45 days 
      • spinning: 2 days
      • dyeing: 1 day
      • weaving: 3 days
Please note: This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. The fabric and the dye will change over time - the silk is becoming softer and the dyes lighter.  Please cold wash only with mild detergent and dry in the shade. Do not soak. For more information visit: Care