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Eri Silk Fabric Sample

Eri Silk Fabric Sample

This is a selection of our Eri silk fabrics. It is always nice to get an idea of an extraordinary fabric before beginning a project. In this selection you will find 12 shades as followed: undyed, henna + undyed thick, areca nut, Cutch, Tea, light madder, dark madder, lac, indigo, onion skins, jackfruit bark.
      • 100% eri silk from Assam
      • cream shades + naturally dyed shades
      • fabric samples around 7cm x 7cm - size can vary
Please note: This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of handspinning. The fabric and the dye will change over time - the silk is becoming softer and the dyes lighter.  Please cold wash only with mild detergent and dry in the shade. Do not soak. For more information visit: Care