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Why are we having a sale?

I wanted to share our thoughts on having a sale as there are many different approaches in especially the craft / mindful fashion / hand-made field.
Now we are here in 2021 and we can clearly say that 2020 has been a tough year for us, as I am sure it has been for many of you as well.

Nevertheless, all throughout the year we continued our production as usual, always keeping our team busy in order to avoid any shortage of income for them. This has worked really well. Nevertheless, on the distribution end we had losses, also due to the missing events of 2020 which are always great channels for us. Our stock levels increased whereas sales have declined.

We have also received messages from followers if there will ever be a sample sale to make our products more accessible. All of these factors are indicating that it is time for a sale.
We are running a 20% discount on all products (besides vouchers and made-to-order carpets) for a period of 2 weeks from February 19th until March 5th.
During checkout, you can add the code OPTIMISM20 in the coupon code field. 

We hope this will also be something that you will enjoy!

Lots of love, Catherine & the whole KAL team

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