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The magic of discovery.

Whenever I connect my hard disk to my computer and spend some time looking through old material, I always come across the videos I made during the first year of KAL's existence. Everything was new, breathtaking and important to document. These times are magical when one discovers a place for the first time, especially such a precious place like Changthang. This is a video documenting this place and what I've seen, with the story told with a voice over - even my first efforts at Hindi are there :) I hope this video will bring you closer to the people of Kharnak and how we first made the connection with our team.


"This is the story of our first journey to Changthang in June to meet the nomadic herders and learn about their lifestyle and habits. They keep yaks, goats and sheep and are people full of joy and life. Now, after the second visit, we are happy to say that these people are our partners in KAL - supplying the typical Changthang yak and sheep wool."



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  • Ganga

    Wunderschön! sehr eindrucksvolle Bilder und fantastische Arbeiten. Mehr davon bitte.

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