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Our new color palette from Assam

Shades of red, blue, yellow - it's been quite a discovery this summer in Assam! From around 5 shades of last year and this summer we went up to 28 this August which is a big step for us. We would like to show you those colors and we are always happy to hear your feedback. 

The main dyes we have used are (in order from light to dark) 

Tea, Teak, Onion, Jackfruit, Turmeric, Madder, Indian Madder (Manjistha), Lac, Indigo. 

Different kinds of mordants / dye modifiers we used are alum, myrobalan and iron. 

Nice surprises we had were definitely the coral and salmon shades from madder and manjistha, the variety of onion shades, the beautiful Assamese indigo and chai by itself and in combination with iron. One of my favourites are madder with a couple of indigo dips and onion with a couple of indigo dips - very rich, darker colors. 

If you have any questions concerning the shades or would like to have more information on the recipes pleas leave us a comment or send a mail, we are happy to answer them! 

And most exciting: we will have our new dye ranges up online - woven in the weft in a combination with delicate white eri yarn in the warp... 

There's definitely something for everyone!


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