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Nomadic Fibers & Journey - here is what you can make with our handspun yarn

As we are about to launch a wide selection of new yarns I thought it would be interesting for you to see a few projects which have been knitted with our yarn. In our collection we have two different type of yarns, one is Nomadic Fibers and the other is Journey. Let me first introduce you these two very different yarns.

1. Nomadic Fibers

Our yarn Nomadic Fibers is a one ply handspun sheep wool yarn. It is spun on "phang" spindles by our Ladakhi team and has a lovely, rustic feel. The wool comes from the sheep of the Kharnak nomads which are shorn once in a year in the summer month July. 

We have now 5 undyed shades of this cosy wool available: white, beige, light grey, dark grey, dark brown. They come in skeins of 100g and have around 250m length per 100g. The yarn is good knitted on needles between 3.5mm and 4.5mm.
As we process our wool non-industrial and entirely natural you can still feel a little bit of the lanolin, the healing wax of the sheep. 

Here are a few projects which we have made with this wool in undyed shades.


"Barry by Alice Hammer

Column Pullover by Hiromi Nagasawa

Rug Sweater by Junko Okamoto


As you can see from our yarns available we also have a little selection of naturally dyed yarn Nomadic Fibers.

They are dyed with Indian madder, lac, onion skins, pomegranate skins, cutch, nyallo, a local plant found in Kharnak, where our wool comes from. We first dye the washed wool and then card it.
This helps in getting a more uniform color and we also love seeing our carding machine turn pink and yellow :) Here is a project I made with Nomadic Fibers in a burgundy which will come online sometime in these cold months. Naturally dyed Nomadic Fibers come in 50g so they are also great for a color work, a small project or in combination with undyed shades. 

 Macrame Motif Sweater by Midori Hirose

2. Journey 

Our Journey yarn is a wonderful union of the three Indian states we work in: Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Assam. This yarn is fine with a lace weight and 260m per 40g skein, good to be knitted with 2.5mm to 3mm needles.
It is a two ply yarn: one yarn is handspun lambswool, spun by our team in Himachal Pradesh. The other yarn is naturally dyed Eri silk from our team in Assam. 

This yarn is elegant and light, perfect for a project worn in all seasons. We handpick the lambswool in Kharnak in the summer, then wash and card it here in Ladakh. It then goes to Vishwanath in Himachal Pradesh where he is plying the lambswool with the Eri silk. A truly special combination, taking you on a journey of the homes of KAL. 

The yarn is available in various shades of lambswool dyed with Indian madder, Indigo and onion skins. 

Retro Button Top by Witre Design 


We are so looking forward to seeing what you are creating with our yarn. You can also find our yarns on ravelry! 

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