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Continuing KAL’s story

“A story that makes sense is one that stirs the senses from their slumber…
to make the senses wake up to where they are.” 
― David AbramThe Spell of the Sensuous

At we are KAL we have often wondered if products aren't just like stories. Allowing you to connect to people you have never met, places you have never seen and cultures you have never heard of. You will certainly remember a story that made you see the world with different eyes. This is the kind of story KAL wants to tell.

In our every day life we surround ourselves with hundreds of things that we don’t really know, such as our toothbrush, house key or kitchen towel. In our eyes there is more behind KAL’s products than the way it can keep you warm or make you look good. It fascinates us that a tangible object can actually be the carrier of so many ‘hidden’ things. When you meet someone for the first time it is likely you will want to ask questions so you can understand him or her better. So what if you could ask the shirt you wear to bed: ‘What is your story?’ Imagine that your shirt could answer, what kind of story would you like to hear?

For example, looking through KAL’s new online store, you might wonder how the scarf Lungspo came into being... The lambswool has a story to tell: of the journey of its animals, of the herder who cares for it, of the wild and vast nature it is surrounded by. Likewise for the finished product: a woman who spins for countless hours, the skill needed to prepare the loom and the cultural meaning behind the practice of weaving.

Gathering the wool in Changthang

Each of KAL’s products is looking for a reader. Someone who will discover its hidden tale through reading the irregularity in the yarn, the countless shades of natural dye and the stitches with which it is carefully finished. Once you awaken your senses and feel and see the product you are holding, you can listen to its story and allow yourself to connect to a distant land and its culture.

Now it is up to the reader to continue KAL’s story. We have revealed its origin, the yesterday, now we would love to see you create its future, the tomorrow.

we are KAL


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    It’s a pleusare to find someone who can think so clearly

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