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Subarna Kalita

Weaver of eri silk

"At we are KAL, I am the silk weaver who is most involved and yes, I guess the one with the most expertise. Getting this feedback from Catherine feels truly empowering for me and makes me want to become even better. I have mostly woven with mill-spun cotton which is a completely different process compared to the handspun eri silk. I enjoy weaving this eri silk, as it also embodies my home, Assam." 

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vishwanath nair

weaver of Lambswool & pashmina 

"I have been weaving for decades and learnt so much in those years. Weaving definitely has a future in our age, however it is being neglected and the wages are very low. I specialised in weaving with high quality fibers such as pashmina and also the eri silk and lambswool blends. At KAL, we are creating products where I see my time well spent - and I am also very happy about the fairness concerning my income at KAL."

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Latika kalita

Manager & Dyer in Assam

"I'm glad to be part of we are KAL as I see that my work is being appreciated and moreover, I am challenged every day. I am responsible for the distribution of yarn, the communication with Catherine and the dyeing together with my husband Chandan. We are amazed about the large variety of shades we got this summer, really a great collaboration!"

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